Security gates and window bars can be both reliable and beautiful: don't give up aesthetics for security's sake, and don't settle for less robust window bars and security gates for aesthetic reasons! The internal workings of Alladin®, steel fixtures, reinforced shutters, window bars and security gates are covered by a unique European patent, which solves any installation problems with full, junction-free shutters. This leaves you ample freedom of movement without having to give up a pleasant appearance.


1 - The Design Phase
How ideas are born and how they evolve into design

Our design office develops patents exclusive to our field, with the utmost care for security, without ever renouncing beauty. For this reason, any Alladin product, from security gates to window bars, is just like a custom-tailored dress built specifically for your house. This ensures that none of our gates ever clashes with the environment where it is installed: everything is always integrated in a pleasant and elegant fashion.

2 - The coil
Alladin® quality starts with steel

PRO ART creates security gates and shutters from scratch with steel ribbon, of which we have a full two-year stock at all times: this allows us to negotiate better prices and be protected from market fluctuations. From your side, this translates to the guarantee of a product that's always built with the best materials, without compromises, and at a great price!

3 - Profiling
The heart of all Alladin® products

Having our own internal profiling shop makes PRO ART unique in our market. The ability to manufacure welded, shaped profiles as necessity requires is a massive evolution when compared to the old assembly methods used in standard shops, based on adapting commercially available products on a case-by-case basis. Our profiling shop makes PRO ART capable of offering products that are actually built as they were designed, refusing any kind of standardization: window bars and security gates are always built exactly as they were imagined, guaranteeing both robustness and beauty at the same time.

4 - Robotic assembly
Mechanical evolution at the service of security

In PRO ART's robotized shop, products are perfected to the slighest details through technology. Our robotized assembly process for window bars and security gates allows for elimination of measurement errors, guarantees perfect welding, and ensures a perfectly precise assembly of shutters and fixtures. Such precision, of course, translates to surprise-free operation of all PRO ART products once they are installed in your home, and at the same time in an impeccable appearance, with all junctions and joints matching perfectly.

5 - Personalization
Decorate your windows, Alladin® has no limits!

PRO ART's strong point is the customization of any kind of design to be included in the security gate. differently from all other similar products, which show breaks across the shutters, Alladin®'s opening systems allow for insertion of a wide range of decorative designs both in gates and window bars. Designs can be chosen from our vast catalog, or made to the customer's requirements - as long as they respect safety norms and certifications obtained by Alladin® products. Even at this level of customization, like with all PRO ART products, aesthetics and security walk hand in hand, never hindering each other; we want to help you have a house that's both beautiful and safe!

6 - Painting
A final touch to guarantee durability

The only way to guarantee top quality painting is to establish a painting plant specifically designed for security fixtures. PRO ART's painting automated line has six washing and degreasing stations, and also features the application of nanotechnologies to the products. This consists in a next-generation chemical application which has allowed our products to qualify for the 1000-hour in saline fog anti-corrosion test. This treatment is followed by the application of two hands of epoxy powder paint, which ensures long-lasting, non-decaying beauty and robustness of all PRO ART gates and security fixtures. This, in turn, further improves on the value of your investment in the security and appearance of your house - with an exceptional quality finish both from the visual and the performance standpoint.

7 - Quality Control
Perfection doesn't happen by chance - Alladin® knows!

Each single piece manufactured in PRO ART's shop is carefully checked during assembly. All parts are carefulyl packaged, and only then is the product ready to be delivered to your home! Each of our gates, just like each of our window bars, is subject to an in-depth check by expert technicians, capable of verifying its perfect performnce before installation.