Adaptable to all situations, they guarantee a high level of security and at the same time allow for room ventilation and outside visibility.

"All Alladin gates are certified as housebreaking-proof by istituto Giordano, according to the latest European regulations."

Security grilles can be installed in practically any situation, on traditional or brick-style walls, on marble surfaces, or on wood - and only require a few inches for installation! All this allows for application of PRO ART's guiding principle, which is guaranteeing security through its gates and fixtures without ever compromising the look and design of the building where they are installed. But no matter how important aesthetics are, security is never compromised, as all security grilles installed in the following pictures have been certified as housebreaking-proof according to eruopean regulations by Istituto Giordano. Check our certifications!


A basic choice is that of a fixed grille. This solution is ideal for all situations where free passage isn't required, or used. Even in their simplicity, not even these basic grilles renounce their aesthetics or robustness, as is the case with all PRO ART security grilles.


Openable gates can be installed with a variable number of shutters according to specific needs. Shutters can also be made to open in a single direction, as seen in the picture, in a configuration known as ""hinged opening"". This model, unilke fixed grilles, is designed to protect openings with frequent passage.


Fixed security grilles can also be manufactured in a curved shape, with an outward bulge which allows to decorate the windowsill with flower vases. While detracting nothing from security, this allows for a more elegant aesthetic, harmonized to the rest of the building.


Fixed grilles may be completed by an openable gate with a variable number of shutters as required by the specific situation. Shutters may be made to open both on the inside and outside, with our ""Dual"" opening mechanism; furthermore, arc-shaped construction is possible as shown in the picture. As ever, PRO ART's main goal is ensuring that a single product features both the elegance and aesthetics ideal for any kind of environment and the robustness and security required for the protection of your home.


The greatest advantage of security gates and grilles is adapating to practically any kind of fixture previously installed in a house. For this reason, they are not to be considered only upon building a new house: they can easily coexist with blinds and shutters. Three different kinds of opening mechanism can be considered: Hinged, Dual, and Jump. The latter is particularly versatile, since by it grilles can be opened both inward and outward and, with the addition of a sliding mechanism, can move over external shutters and thus be installed where traditional window closures are present. All different mechanisms, of course, share the same robustness, allowing for a choice to be made simply based upon the best aesthetical fit, without having to worry about any security issue.

"Hinged Opening"

Often, especially in the city, blinds are installed on windows; in these cases, the ideal opening for security grilles is outward. As pictures show, gates are mounted in line with the outer surface of the wall. The fixture covers the wall's edge for several inches, in order to offer the best possible finish, hiding potential imperfections and the space between the wall and the gate itself, which - however minor - might compromise the aesthetics of the ensemble. This way, the building's appearance remains impeccable, or even improved, while the security level drastically rises.

"Dual" Opening Mechanism

If obstacles are present on the outside, or if - as is more often the case - shutters are installed, Dual-system gates and security grilles can be mounted; the Dual opening mechanism allows for grilles to be opened both inward, to access shutters, and then outward up to 90 degrees. The whole assembly occupies the space between the external shutters and the inner fixture. This needs not be particularly wide; little more than an inch can be sufficient - as seen in the picture here - for installation. The possibility of working even in such limited spaces while maintaining a high level of security, and without compromising the appearance for the building, makes this mechanism one of the most popular with our customers.

Cantilever Opening

The real evolution in regards to traditional methods used in this field is our cantilever opening mechanism, which grants gates particularly advanced performance and makes them adaptable to any kind of application problem. Accessing shutters is as easy as with a Dual opening mechanism, since this kind of security grille allows for 180 degree opening of shutters both inward and outward; furthermore, any kind of design can be applied to the grilles without breaks, since they can slide over the shutters entirely. We have a very wide range of designs available, and we can even use your own design, to satisfy your personal taste or align the shutters to those already installed in your building. As always in PRO ART's philosophy, security must never compromise aesthetics, and aesthetics mustn't be a reason to renounce security - the very principle behind the highly customized production of our grilles and security gates. Even with such variety, the most often required designs number in a few dozens: in the pictures you can see several, so as to have a clear understanding of the different kinds that PRO ART has at your disposal.

Sliding Opening

Certain installations require for security grilles to be equipped with a mechanism allowing for the shutters to slide; both internal and external sliding mechanisms can be installed. Internal sliding shutters are mounted inside a container within the window's reveal, while external sliding shutters are directly mounted outside the wall. Both kinds can have a mirror or overlapping opening configuration, so as to adapt to any specific situation without compromising security or aesthetics. Such mechanism are however far more complex than the ones normally used in security gates and grilles, and thus are custom designed for every specific case, after an accurate feasibility analysis.