Your house can be protected by more than security gates and reinforced shutters: enter steel fixtures, based around fundamental security principles. ALLADIN steel fixtures are available both with a class 3 and class 4 certification against housebreaking, as requested by the customer. Watch our test here!

A SOPHISTICATED SECURITY SYSTEM following for the use of safety glass of varying resistance levels

Security steel fixtures are a further elegant and sophisticated system which provides visibility and brightness through the use of safety glass in a range of resistance levels. The use of security steel fixures is advised in several different applications, such as stores, offices, verandas or simply house and building lobbies. The different kinds of steel fixtures can be broadly divided in two categories: Surmounting profile (which opens outward) and Coplanar profile (which opens inward). Both belong to the Elegant product range of Alladin's offer, and combine robustness and security with an appearance capable of fitting in with the entire house decor.


Alladin®'s Elegant profile is perfectly suited to building front doors, The internal side of the profile, with its particular robustness (30 tenths of steel) may easily be fitted with the most innovative accessories on the market. A defining, unique feature of these reinforced fixtures is the possibility of choosing the preferred glass frame, following one's taste and imagination to create increasingly customized products - all in order to not have to compromise between security and home design. Just like all of our steel fixtures, our front doors are available both with a class 3 and class 4 certification against housebreaking, as requested by the customer.


More and more often, our customers ask us to install reinforced security fixtures inside rooms as well as outside, both in houses and in offices. With Alladin's Elegant profile beautiful internal doors can be made, and they can be customized with different accessories (such as invisible hinges and return pumps), frames, or laser-decorated panels with matching glass (darkened, milky white, satin finish...) to create a truly unique product. Each of these doors is created to perfectly integrate with the furniture and decor of the house, smoothly harmonizing with its surroundings. As all other similar PRO ART products, these fixtures are entirely made of steel, and are available both with a class 3 and class 4 certification from Istituto Giordano against housebreaking, as requested by the customer


Alladin® security steel fixtures are available in arc and trapezoid shapes, while maintaining the typical male-female coupling which is behind their high resistance to housebreaking attempts. The customized glass frame is a possible optional on these models as well, and adds a touch of class while making it easier to match the steel fixtures' appearance to the existing home decor. "


Both at every lock and at all junction points between shutters and frame, Alladin reinforced steel shutters establish a male-female coupling for the whole length - considered to be the best feature from a security standpoint. Adjustable 18 mm closure tips for precise shutter alignment are also a key element. Housebreaking resistance this reaches top levels, allowing for full respect of pre-existing aesthetics. Reinforced fixtures can also be equipped with hidden hinges capable of bearing a 100 kg load each.