The steady increase in volume of the market for security gates has led to constant improvement of the manufacturing technology involved in their creation. This, however, has not always proven sufficient to solve all existing issues, and satisfy precise needs that have arisen throughout the years. To fill these gaps, Pro Art has invested massive resources in research and development, striving to create technologies and styles which could bring a new standard to the concept of the security gate - all this while solving many of the problems which often came up while dealing with specific customer needs.

ProArt has developed a unique manufacturing technique!

Our manufacturing technology, which is covered by an international patent and showcased in these pictures, allows for the creation of security gates with a class 3 housebreaking proof certification and featuring a look very similar to that of standard indoor fixtures.

Also, within a thickness just slightly over 3 cm , closing bars with a significant 2 cm diameter can be employed.

Special mechanisms, such as spring diverters, make the whole opening system simple and versatile, but most importantly extremely secure.

Protection of our products is not a matter of techcnical profile alone. Since this system is completely unique, and is actually a standard of technological evolution, the product range based around it has been registered as an EU Brand.

ALLADIN® this is the name you must look for to identify these products.

From a strictly technological standpoint, our Jumping Mechanism is one fo the most distinctive features.

It was created to answer the need for a gate that could open both inwards and outwards, allowing doors to be opened by 180 degrees even in the presence of external pre-installed traditional shutters - and all this while maintaining unbroken gate doors, both to ensure maximum robutness and not to spoil aethetics by limiting decoration choices.

This opening system, which is explained in greater depth in other parts of this website, is covered by both an italian and an international patent, to protect its exceptional qualities. The Cantilever Mechanism is an exclusive ProArt product, beware imitations!